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Having two keys for your car is something that most people do not think about until it is too late. When someone locks their only set of keys in the car or they lose their only key they finally think, "I really need two keys for my car!". By that time it is too late and it will usually cost...

Almost everyone has walked out their front door, turned the little knob on the back of the lock, closed the door and then realized...My Keys are in the HOUSE! I have done it and many of my customers have done it too.

As a business owner it is thrilling to Finally own your own building. It shows growth in your company and gives you the ability to do more things that you were able to do in the past. However, do you know who has keys to your new building?

Have you noticed that the keys for your home or your office are not working like they used to? Do you need to jiggle the key or lift the key to get it to turn? Does the lock seem stiff or turn hard? It may be time for a little maintenance on your locks.

Keeping your Sliding Glass Door secure is easy, inexpensive and doesn't require a lot of work. Follow this guide to help prevent break-ins and protect yourself from being an easy target by criminals. Sliding Glass doors allow you to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors by giving you ample amounts of natural light along with providing a large...

Sadly, many people do not believe that they need to rekey their home or they simply do not want to spend the money. Maybe they think nothing will happen to them, or no one knows where I live, or I have "other" protection in the house or perhaps it is just "too expensive".

Many of our residential customers ask "Should I use Single Sided or Double Sided Deadbolts in my home?" and the answer is "It Depends"